Sunday, May 31, 2009

BurnT Out~

So I am really getting burnt out on my job. I love what I do, but I hate when I work. and its making me not look forward to comming to work. for instance today marks the 5th sunday in a row I have worked and now we have a new scheduling tool that the computer automatically will make the schedule based on your senority in the store and the trafic volume, and well there are 5 reps here and some have worked for 16 + years and others atleast 4 or more years, so that puts little Ol me at the bottom with my 1 year and 8 months. So now I will be working OPEN to CLOSE shifts some weeks thats 11 hours folks!!!! pure craziness I am actually working that shift on back to back days one week. I already get super duper antsy with 8 hours, or the 6 hour shift I work on Sundays.... what to do what to do?

It could totally be that I am pregnant and I am having a weird feeling day Like my hair lays to straight and is too soft to do anything with, my pants arent comfortable and pregnancy pants are still to big for my in the legs, and my work shirts are getting to short and are fading so much because they are being washed so much because I am working so much, and the fact that It is beautiful out and has been for the past several days and I havent had a day off since Tuesday and my next day off is Thursday :*( I seriously can cry a river right now....

I want to be with my Husband who is home, rollerblading with our dog, and going to the gym, and maybe even going to hang out at the pool.... I want to do that stuff!!

I am just BurnT Out.