Friday, April 2, 2010


ok, seriously, I am in dire need to find motivation to sit down and do some sit ups, seriously.... I feel so pathetic that I am taking the time to sit down at the computer to complain about the spillage I have going on over the top of my pants rather than sitting down to do some stinkin situps... I mean seriously... whats the deal?

so since giving birth to our beautiful baby girl, my hips are still not back to the way they were before which I have not come to terms with the fact that they are going to just be staying put where they are, but this flab? I can do something about the flab... I need to kick it in gear with this 80 degree weather we have been having latley swimsuit season will be here before I blink again... so what to do what to do!??!

I have been walking atleast 2 miles every day, but I need to be RUNNING, and I need to be doing weight training... I know what to do but dang... why arent I doing it? don't you just hate when you know what to do but you arent doing it? I know its totally stupid right? especially when I have a hubby who works out 2 times a day and when ever he is bored he's doing sit ups or wall push ups or something else... yeah I know I am pathetic, you caught me....

well I promise I will be spending my weekend trying to find the motivation to work on these things, today the family is going rollerblading for 6 miles down the east race... so that should be fun and a good work out..

if you have any suggestions feel free to shoot them my way, please and thanks in advance!