Monday, January 11, 2010

things are a Rollin

Today at the Dr's appointment we checked in and first had our non stress test taken, this is where I sat in a reclined chair with a monitor strapped to my belly, we got to hear the heartbeat and then see the contractions on the monitor and as Jada moved I was to press this button, that way they could track to see if she was stressed out in there, this lasted about 20 minutes, I just lay there closing my eyes listening to my little girls heart beat flutter.

my midwife came in after the 20 minutes and said baby looked Perfect, not a sign of stress at all, she then went over what was to happen next, she said that I would go in to get my ultra sound done to check to make sure miss Jada had enough fluid around her still, and that after that I would get my cervical exam done, If my cervix was found to be in the favorable stage then they would wait to have me check into the hospital till Wednesday morning at 8Am to start the induction process, but if my cervix was not favorable then I would check into the hospital tomorrow night at 8PM for them to start the low dose of Pitocin and keep track of my progression through the night, and if nothing progresses over night, they would up the does in the am around 7 or 8 wednesday morning and move the process along from there...

So we got the ultra sound done and she had plenty of fluid, they told us we have one happy camper in there. so momma and baby scored a 10 out of 10 on the test. next up cervical exam... and I was found to be not favorable, meaning my cervix had not been in the place we would like it to be at this point, although I had made a little progress from the last appointment it was just a little bit, so she sort of forced more than her fingertip into my cervix... but still considered me to be a finger tip dilated. which now meant that we would be checking into the hospital Tuesday Night at 8 pm to start the low dose pitocin drip.

It was then offered that my midwife could insert a small pill called cytotec which is used as a cervix softener in hopes that this could possibly be enough to soften my up and contractions come on their own in hopes that we could go on our own and avoid having to be induced. we asked to be alone for a minute and discuss with eachother how we felt about it and also phoned our doula... after finding out that is would be a small dose of 25 micrograms we felt that this would be a good idea, rather than risking my cervix staying the same as it was currently and checking into hospital and having the low dose of pitcin not work and have to have them up it, so we opted to go ahead and do the cytotec.

my midwife came back, inserted small pill, it was now 3:45 and I lay there for 20 minutes on my side. next I had to get on the monitor again for a short 20 minutes to make sure Jada wasn't stressing out with all that had taken place and she was still perfect. this time on the machine I noticed my contractions were stronger, they peaked at the number 30 where as before the cytotec and exam they only peaked at a 13 or 14, so we are hoping we are moving in the right direction!!

we finally were out of our appointment at around 4:30 and I headed to bank to deposit some money into our act, and then headed home, my contractions at this point are staying consistent but totally tolerable, so we decided that it would be a good idea for Sparty ( our dog) to be picked up tonight instead of us dropping him off tomorrow just in case we go to hospital tonight or early morning. So I came home and packed up our little boy and sent him off with his great grandpa. Nick brought home some super delish Jersey mikes Veggie sub and I was in heaven...

so now that I have a full belly, my plan is to make sure everything is organized and ready and relax with a nice warm shower and enjoy the Bachelor. so crazy knowing that the process has begun, and it will be only a matter of time before we are holding, and gazing upon our little girl. I will try to keep you all posted with as many updates on here as possible, but after we check into the hospital I will be limited to just my Blackberry and will update via facebook. but no worries once we are back home and I am rested I will post our labor and delivery story...

so keep those prayers coming, they have been greatly appreciated by my husband and I. so stay tuned, but were getting closer :)