Saturday, November 28, 2009

35 week update

wowzers, there I am, and there is my belly... I have officially begun to feel like my body is no longer mine. My belly is constantly tight and hard and always round, and low... I tell ya, the body is an amazing thing, but i truly feel like a house, and in one way I am, I am my little girls house, she is staying warm inside, I would say pretty comfortable, she is warm, she is fed, she has a roof over her head and she is protected... so in a way, i am a house... and boy do I feel like one. not much longer though, I can see the finish line I am just walking to it. so far no one seems to think that she will actually hold off til January, my husband has said December 17th for some time now, my friend Mo has said December 21 or the 26th and my mom thinks December 28th.... so with all of those guesses, i must admit I have been getting very excited, but also I think if all those dates pass I will be a little let down, so i am trying to still see the letters JANUARY in my head but its so dang hard!   however I must admit that although i feel like a house and i am very anxious to meet her, I am still feeling great, still sleeping well, still working, still able to do the normal things, it's just there is a large hard belly that sticks out and sometimes I just want to hug it in , and well thats impossible. 
in other news as you can maybe tell from the pictures, I have been growing my hair out, not sure how long i want it because I am very much a short haired girl, but I want to let it grow so i have the option of pulling it back and also giving myself a new momma look possibly, and who knows what that means, maybe short, maybe long, but i want something new so I am growing it out so I can re shape it after a little while...

tomorrow is our official Maternity Photo Shoot, and I am so excited for it, the Photographer is coming over to our house, I am not sure where we will be set up to take the pictures but I am sure she will find just the right spot...  now all that is left is the belly cast.... I always said when i got prego the fist time i would do a belly cast, I just think it would be neat, and what a great picture after she is a new born to set her in it...maybe i sound crazy, and i am not sure what i would do with a cast of my house of a belly after that photo is taken... hahaha I just got the image of moving out into a new house and my grandpa carrying out the belly cast, and everyone like what the heck is she going to do with this... who knows, maybe it can be a useful fruit bowl one day...


this years thanksgiving was great, it was our first year we sat in one spot all day... well not literally one spot but we stayed in one house and didn't spend 1/2 the day traveling, although we missed out on seeing some wonderful family, it was a very good year for us to stay put, as i am getting closer and closer to my due date I pretty much like relaxing and taking in everything around me because before i know it there will be a little one calling me momma who will also have a schedule.  We were out in New Carlisle for the holiday at my uncles house, ( mom's side of the family.) He made a whole spread of food but with the hubby and I being vegetarian we get to eat all the yummy carbohydrated filled sides. you know the taters, the yeast rolls, green bean casserole, vegetable stuffing... all that stuff... but boy it was yummy!!! We had a blast this year, I got to spend most of my day with my cousins 4 month old baby boy, I fed him, changed him, rocked him, kissed him, smelled him, played with him... I AM SO READY!!! seriously the smell is so wonderful I promise i will figure out how to bottle it up :) Nick spent a lot of time with my younger sister Madison and some of my cousins, even my grandpa downstairs playing rock band, or our ever favorite game of marbles.... it was a great Holiday. Mom and I got to sit together and chit chat alot which I also enjoyed. I love the holidays... and now its on to the Christmas season! I can hardly hold my smile back that is filled with the excitement of going to a tree farm to get our tree!!! hope to do so soon!!!

hope you all had a happy thanksgiving!