Monday, April 27, 2009

the Drought has hit the Office

What will I do now?!!? I came to work at the Water Machine has been taken out of the store, I guess it has something to do with cutting back on the expenses, but seriously... what Am I going to do? i don't buy bottled water its a waste of $$ and bottles as well as taking up space in the fridge. and the fridge here is too small to put a britta in it, oh boy... I guess I could buy a 32 oz. stainless steal bottle and fill that up before i come to work, but what do i do when this runs out?! Oh the problems.... I think its time I become a Stay at home Wife:)

Over the Mountains and Through the Woods

Saturday morning Nick and I woke up at 6:45 AM, had our smoothie for breakfast and put on our running gear. We had decided that we were going to run to my Grandparents house which was 11.5 miles away from my moms.... and we did it... there were times when i thought I can not believe I am doing this but it was so fun, and I hit a point where i was just running. I knew where we were going to i kept moving, but as i got closer it seemed like it was so far away... after we drove it we figured we ran anywhere from 11.5 to 12 miles that day since we were on foot and sometimes had to run around things and what not. but it was fun, Sparty ran the whole time with us and was super tired the rest of the day. so now race day for the mini marathon is in 5 days :) this was my last long run before the race, I am getting super excited for the mini. I know there are going to be thousands of people running and bands and other entertainment to keep me going.

Six Kids and Us.

here was how we spent our Saturday. in the pictures below are 5 of my cousins and my little sister and My Mr. we went to south bend to spend Saturday with the kids and to celebrate my dads 50th Birthday. it was a great weekend but it was sure windy. it was fun for us, we got to see what it would be like to have 6 kids but it was only for a couple hours, and we had a blast this is also due to the fact that the kids are all so well mannered. we even got locked out side of the car for about 25 minutes and who was the fussy one.... thats right, ( me) sad to say but it taught me alot. KEEP YOUR COOL. anywho we had so much fun and i think they did too. after the day spent at the park we went to grandmas house for dads Birthday dinner. we all had full tummys by the time we had eaten, grandma always makes the best food ever. after dinner we played outside some more and the girls and I walked to wallgreens to pick out some hot pink nail polish, so now all of us girls have matching nails :) it was a great weekend. I love my family.