Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ReAliTY... or not

ok, i promise i do not watch much TV, i mean tuesday is biggest loser night , Wednesday is Real World and thursday is Grey's anatomy and then the rest is all DVRed which is Dave Ramsey, Bill O'Riley, Glenn Beck and Real house wives of Orange county, NY, and Atlanta.....

and today is my day off and i am catching up on all the DVRed goodies... so i opened up a bottle of wine, well it's hard to call it a bottle of wine... its the new Bandit wine its veryy yummy, and is in a recycled carton, thats right wine in a carton not a bottle... so any who, I am enjoying a glass while watching the Tube....

and i find myself, L*O*V*I*N*G the real housewives of NY, espec. Bethenny, she is actually real, well i think so any way, the comments she makes make me giggle.

so i would consider myself a reality TV junkie..... and when i ask myself why i cant figure it out... HELP lol , i mean i totally love the biggest loser and i get why i like that, i love working out, and i love to see people bettering themselves and achieving goals..... dave ramsey love it because again people are helping better themselves by getting BEDT FREE and learning how to budget, Glenn Beck and O Riley, well because I agree with all that they stand for, and its always nice to listen/watch someone who is proclaiming out loud what you agree with.

but now , why do i looooove the real house wives of orange county/NY/ Atlanta?!?! I just can't get enough....why though??!?! their lives dont reflect mine, but yet i can not get enough.... are you in the same situation?!?!

another fav is Big Brother.... BTW, when does this show come on again?? b/c i can not wait, mom thinks i should apply to be on the show.... what cha think?

well im off to watch another show...



YIPPIE the day has come, we are debt free, we are a RockIN N a RoLLIN.... so now we have moved on to another baby step, we are FULLY funding an emergency fund for 6-8 months of living expenses!!! yay i love the feeling when you have completed something and then move on to your next goal!!! I can't wait til a Friday when both the Mr. and I are home together so we can call into Daves TV show and share our story :)