Saturday, December 5, 2009

oh the joys in life

Ahhh to the excitement... that's right, I am talking the excitement of the Medela breast pump, I just ordered mine last night thanks to a nice 20% off coupon becuase these suckers are not easy on the wallet... so saving 56 bucks with free shipping I was all over that. now lets take a look a this here machine, I mean really take a look at it, you have an extra stylish modern black back pack, when walking down the street which i am sure I will often be doing toating this pump around with baby in arms HAHa but really, I am very excited about this, it has verry good reviews and with it being a double pump i figure I can get the job done the quickest when it is time to come back to work : / it will also help in the beginning of helping to bring my milk in if our little girl takes a little longer to get a good latch. do any of you momma's have this pump? if so what have your experiences been? Oh the joys of entering into motherhood :) - and I am not being sarcastic