Saturday, December 5, 2009

oh the joys in life

Ahhh to the excitement... that's right, I am talking the excitement of the Medela breast pump, I just ordered mine last night thanks to a nice 20% off coupon becuase these suckers are not easy on the wallet... so saving 56 bucks with free shipping I was all over that. now lets take a look a this here machine, I mean really take a look at it, you have an extra stylish modern black back pack, when walking down the street which i am sure I will often be doing toating this pump around with baby in arms HAHa but really, I am very excited about this, it has verry good reviews and with it being a double pump i figure I can get the job done the quickest when it is time to come back to work : / it will also help in the beginning of helping to bring my milk in if our little girl takes a little longer to get a good latch. do any of you momma's have this pump? if so what have your experiences been? Oh the joys of entering into motherhood :) - and I am not being sarcastic


Ash said...

We have it and I've only tested it on Marcus so far, not really but thought about it. I have also heard great things about it which is why we got it and the stylish bag well pretty much puts this machine over the top when it comes to milk pumps.

Anonymous said...

I had that pump and it worked wonders. It kind of looks funny, but totally worth it. It was especially a life saver when I weined Max to a bottle because THAT was some pain. Anyway, good choice!