Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hehe Whoo Who

tonight is our last bradley class... or as my grandma refers to them as our hee heee whoo whoo class.... I can not believe it has already been 8 weeks!!! Nick and I have really enjoyed these classes together and now that they are coming to an end, its so real, I remember signing up for the class thinking OMG I will be 37 weeks when the class ends and she could totally come like any time after that... and here we are... at the last class.. Tonight's class will be focused on whatever we want to discuss, we will practice more positions for labor and breathing techniques but after that it is free game so we can just ask all the questions we still have.

this class has been great for nick and I, we now have a Much greater idea of what the body goes through during the birth process and ways to help aid it naturally.  we learned the different stages of labor and when to know you are transitioning which is great for both of us to know this information because Nick will better be able to tell where I am at and can talk me through.  our teacher has been wonderful, Maureen Favorite is her name and I totally recommend taking her class if you live in the area! so as tonight comes closer it is bittersweet, I am sure our class will get together from time to time to see each-others babies which i am sooo excited for!! the first one in our class is due December 18th and then I am next in line for January 1st.... so I am not sure if the other couple will be there tonight but i am assuming they will because I haven't gotten an e mail with a birth announcement... it's all becoming so so real! we are super close, and the time keeps passing quickly, everyone says it starts to slow in the last month, but WOW not yet, time is still melting off the clock....

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