Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a new Discovery

So today while driving home from work I had a new discovery... on my way home I passed a small school and saw a bunch of little ones all lined up walking out of the school towards a bus and here is what happened.....

I pick up the phone to cal my husband Nick



Nick: Hello

me: hii honey, do you have a minute

Nick : sure whats up?

me: so i just passed this school that had a bunch of little kids outside and I know this is so far away and your going to say there are going to be soo many things that are going to happen in her life before this but just listen to me...

Nick: haha ok

Me: I just realized that we are going to have a little girl who is one day going to line up and listen to her teacher and wear a backpack and go to school and make friends and all that stuff ( tears in my voice- not sad ones happy ones... )

Nick: haah awwe Chels, your right that is a ways away from now but that will  happen.

me: I know its just crazy, here I am like getting all excited that we are having a baby, and a baby is going to move in with us and we are going to take care of a baby.... but we are having a DAUGHTER like a real live PERSON who is going to grow out of being a baby and be a person who wakes up to an alarm clock and gets herself dressed and grabs her backpack and goes to school... OMG OMG OMG!!!!

Nick: I love you

me: I love you too honey