Monday, April 12, 2010

3 months

that's right Buggy you are 3 months old today and you are growing leaps and bounds! These past few days you have been doing so many new things its unreal. last night while Daddy was giving you your bottle you wrapped your hand around it and were holding the baba like a big girl! daddy couldn't believe it he called me over to take a peek myself and I snapped a picture, look at you, perfect position, you were even helping tilt it back. it brought a tear to my eye.. you amaze me all the time girlfriend.

in other 3 month old news mommy and daddy bought you a new seat called the Bumbo seat and you love it, the seat helps you sit up like a big girl and you enjoy it a lot because you are able to look at both of us instead of one of us having to hold you. Look at those tiny little feet.... stinkIN cute I say .

today I decided to go through your closet and dresser to take out all the little clothes that no longer are fitting you because you are growing like a weed I tell ya, you are know wearing 6 month outfits, you aren't into 6-9 months yet you are still wearing 3-6 or just a plain old 6 month when we can find it. you are so darn cute I must admit I enjoy getting you dressed in the morning, daddy calls you my little doll baby because he thinks I enjoy playing "dress up " with you, and well he is right :)

so not only are you sitting in a big girl seat, helping by holding your own bottle, you also are attempting to roll over!!!!! I have taken videos of your attempts and will post one later on.

Also, this saturday we took our first road trip with you, we packed up the car and headed to Hobart to visit grandma and grandpa U. let me just tell you our car was pretty packed, daddy had to strategically pack everything up so we could all fit... Mommy hopes to be getting a new vehicle at some point but right now its just not in the deck of cards so we make the good ol car work for now.

you are sleeping great still, you are never fussy unless mommy missed your window of activity time to nap time and I lay you down a little too late, at that point then it takes a little bit of work to get you down to nap but not too bad.

you are still sleeping in your pack and play however you are totally ready for the crib, especially because you are so active now, you need some room and with you lifting your feet and throwing them down I don't think its too comfy to hit a hard board, you would much rather pay on a soft mattress... but mommy doesn't want to part :/ but we will do what's best for you so I think we will try it out this week and see how it goes.

you have recently found your thumb and are loving it... you see you usually just gnaw on your hands or cute little arm rolls when your arms are exposed but now you have found that you can actually suck your thumb, go figure you never ever want or will take a passy but your going for the thing that we can never take away haha... but really you don't do it all that much just when you wake up out of a sleep and try to put yourself back down.

you see little missy you are up to big girl things now, every where we go people stop mommy because they want to take a peek at cha, you will generally smile at them but nothing like the smiles mommy and daddy get :)

we love you buggy and are enjoying watching you grow!