Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Help Us Decide

yaya! so this is our house, I finally drove by today to take some pic's. I Love, Love, Love, Love this house... I can't wait to close on it and finally move in. As I mentioned before it is a historic home built in 1926 to be exact so it is a very solid home.... however, let take a moment and hold our breath as we look at the color the house is currently.....

although some dig the color yellow, I must say I am not one to like it on a house, so I thought I would post some pics and I would Love some feedback from my readers on Ideas... the grey is cedar shake and the yellow is aluminum siding... I would love to have the aluminum taken off and replace it with cedar shake, but I don't think that will be in the budget right off the bat so to start, we will paint. Here is where I need some input... I honestly kinda like the grey... sO i was thinking maybe a tan with grey, GASP I know, some peoples reaction to my saying that is like my reaction to grey and yellow on a house... but I for some reason see it being very pretty and it would pull some of the brick out more.

or I have thought of painting the entire thing the same tan/brown/ color just different shades, my reason for 2 tones well they are different materials so I figure that is what will be the safest...

also on the To-Do-List is to take out the shrubs around the house and porch, I am just not digging them, to me it blocks the house off too much, I will replace with pretty flowers and mulch of some sort...and although I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tree that is in front of the porch, after driving by today and seeing it fully bloomed the thing is freaking massive, and from the street you can't see the front of the house, which is why in these pictures are taken from the side of the house.

so lay it on me, what are your color ideas... and don't just stick with my gray/tan or tan/brow theme be honest , I am all up for any ideas.