Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the anticipation builds

so today I had a little more fluid leakage and more lower abdominal pressure, all good signs. I decided that I wanted to get out of the house today and drove myself up to babies R us to look around and walk the local shops there like Target and marshals, not really on the hunt for anything other than a baby swing, I was more or less just getting out of the house and walking. while walking the abdominal pressure persisted and got lower into my groin area, I am no Doc but I think this is her head getting pretty low, hopefully when its actually go time she wont have too far to travel down.

when I got home I was still staying active doing some bounces on my birthing ball and walking up and down the stares, I even thought about putting together the Brentwood swing I got for our little girl today while I was out running around, but instead I just decided to vacuum the living room and then open up the box and lay out the pieces nice and neat so when daddy gets home he can put it together :)

I think after dinner we will be going over to my dads house and I will walk a little on the treadmill and see if anything progresses from there, but if not, I do have an appointment tomorrow morning at 8:30 with my midwife to be checked and see what the fluid i am leaking is... not quite sure how they will determine but we will find out. I still have my appointment set for monday for the non stress test and ultra sound but I am hoping that we wont have to make it that far. so the anticipation is still building and I will try to keep by blog updated with the most recent info as the time passes...

but for now, its time to go encourage the Hubby to put together the swing :)