Thursday, November 19, 2009


the crib the crib the crib is HERE... that is correct, the crib did in deed arrive today and will be setting up in Jada's room tonight. I am so excited!!! I didnt have to be to work today until after my Dr apt which was at 12:20 so I woke up at my usual time 6:45 Am and had the urge to clean, oraganize and wash so I went to her room and unpackaged all of her towels and wash cloths and blankets and bedding and got through 3 loads of it.  I still have to wash her clothes that will be this weekend but her bedding is washed, yippie! so tonight after the crib is all put together ( unless this sucker is complicated and it may take a few days) the bedding will be all set up and pictures to follow shortly!

I am getting filled with the excitement with her arrival just 6 weeks away.. if I make it to date, or i guess it could be a little longer if i go over also but i just can't fight that excitement feeling, I mean I actually enjoyed cleaning out our junk drawer in the kitchen today to make it Jada's bib and burp rag area, I even sorted our linnen closet and she has her own shelves with her ever so cute little wash cloths and towels.  I am so ready to be a a mother to my little girl. I cant wait to lay my eyes on her for the first time, kiss her soft little face and breathe in her wonderful baby smell! Daddy is excited too, Iam pretty sure just about ever night these past weeks we go to bed talking about becomming a family of three. I love and am so thankful for him and this pregnancy.. and lets not forget about the fact that the crib is here!

now it's just the count down til our combo dresser/changer arrives....