Monday, September 28, 2009

Work Shmerk

today is my last full day at work before vacation!! and I couldn't be more excited about it, tomorrow I come in to open at 8:30 but will be leaving at 12:30 ( saved my hard earned 1/2 day pass for this day.) I figured this would be a great time to get things together before we leave town on Wednesday!!

On wednesday the Mr. still has to go into work but we believe he will be able to get out a little earlier, not only is Wednesday exciting for us because of our Vacation but because we have an ultra sound apt at 10:30 and we will get to see our little Peanut at 27 weeks! I can't wait to see her again, as she will be much bigger than when we last saw her at 18 weeks. after this apt I will be heading on over to the salon for my hair apt to get a fresh cut and highlight along with a nice pedicure! couldnt be more of a treat before we get in the car to head for our first stop in good ol College stomping grounds in Terre Haute.

We will be going by the jewlers to pick up my anniversary band !!! even though our anniversary will be on Saturday we are picking this up early because we will be in town on our way to Florida!! we also are looking forward to eating at our old fav resturant Sushi Umi with our friends Ben and Kesiah, they were also nice enough to be letting us stay at their place that night so that we can leave early early in Thursday morning to head to Florida.

so i am super excited about my time away from work and looking forward to a great vacation!! for our drive we picked up lots and lots of movies from my dads last night and I will be bringing my labtop to watch them on, this will be my first long road trip since high school but i am really looking forward to it, lets just hope we dont have to stop ever 3.4 miles for me to pee....