Tuesday, December 21, 2010

11 months

ignoring the fact that It has been more than a month since I have blogged, you are 11 months old already and are doing so many new things, I knew I had to find the time to sit down and jot them down.

this month you have taken your fist steps! you started off with one or two and today you walked the entire length of grandmas kitchen! I counted 26 steps, you walk several times through out the day and just pop yourself right up from the sitting position onto your feet and you take off, although crawling is still your number one go to way for getting around I think given a few more weeks that wont be the story.

we gave you juice for the first time the other day it was 50/50 actually a little water and a little apple juice and you Loved it, it was the first time you ever sucked down your entire sippy cup!

daddy and I have been working on words with you a lot this month as we have noticed your favorite way of communicating is through grunting and although this is cute and funny at the same time, we miss hearing daddy and momma :)

your hair is getting longer! its so cute, although your great grandma is still waiting for it to turn curly ( not sure who you would get curly hair from ) we are excited that you were able to wear your first pony the other day.

you are still a napper which I love, you sleep 12 hours a night and then nap 3 times a day each lasting a minimum of an hour and and the longest 2 hours.

we figure this is the last time we will have to order formula because you will be going to Organic Milk after your first birthday!

you are still a book worm, you love to lay on the living room floor with your books spread all around you and you love to sit on mommies lap as I read to you.

I think you are starting to look a little like me, well only some times and its usually from the side view and you have to squint your eyes and stand on one foot, YOU ARE SUCH a daddies girl! you look just like his baby pictures and your face lights up every time he walks through the door from work.

you met your aunt Cari this month for the first time, she flew in from Florida and stayed with us for a few days, you loved her, this video of you learning to walk was taken when she was here, she was so excited to have been able to share in this moment with us all.

you have 6 teeth now and are enjoying lots of new foods that require you to chew

your still  wearing 12 to 18 month clothing

now that you are able to stand on your own you love to dance too! I admit several times through out the day we will turn on some music and dance just the two of us :)

you have been a complete joy to watch grow up and these past eleven months your dad and I have cherished, each night when I tuck you into bed and give you a kiss on your forehead I am thankful for you.  you are my Sunshine little girl and I love you so much.