Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Figuring it out... again

today had been a dedicated PUMP day.... you have heard of hump day well this is Pump day, after talking to my dear friend Mo about miss Jada's eating routine and how she has been fighting her nights sleep I have taken her two pieces of advice and we will see where it takes us.

instead of nursing I will be pumping and giving Jada a bottle that way I can measure out how much milk I am producing in a day and how much she takes at each feeding ultimately trying to figure out why at four months she is wanting to eat every 2 hours... no joke. because she eats so frequently I can never find the time to pump as i would literally be nursing her, then pumping and then nursing her again, and trust me thats no way to live... so this morning I pumped at 7 and got a total of 5oz, fed her and she only took 3oz she played for an hr then went down for an hour nap and woke up hungry putting her fists in her mouth, so I warmed up the other 2 oz from earlier and then pumped this time I got 3oz ( 2:30 hrs since the last time I pumped) and she took it all.. so so far this AM she has taken a total of 8 oz in 31/2 hrs. we will see how the rest of the day goes but so far this is making perfect sense to me, most 4 mo olds eat once every 4 hrs and and take in about 6-8 oz... where as my little jada bug eats twice within a 4 hr time span but still getting the same amt of oz, basically what I am saying is that her mamma just has small TaTa's that don't hold a lot of milk at once making her need to break up her feedings...

Jada has never been a paci fan and instead was using her thumb, and lately the thumb hasn't been cutting it,so I have become a human pacifier... not so fun when I am trying to get things done around the house... so I went out and purchased a 6mo paci hoping that maybe the bigger nipple will be what she is looking for, because all of her other paci's that she never liked were all newborn size, so we will see how she does with this and my thinking with her frequent night waking being that she wants to be soothed back to sleep instead of actually being hungry.

I truly think a Mom's job is never done, aren't we always trying to figure out our little ones.