Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An un expected Goodbye

 This Is our dog Sparticus, my husband and I got him while we were in college he has been a part of our family ever since, he was in our engagement and maternity photo shoot, although I will be the first to admit he took a back seat since J was born.  We called him Sparty and he was nothing short of a wonderful protector and friend, there wasn't a day he wasn't happy to see you, even if you just went out for a minute to take out the trash, the second you walked back in the door he would jump in circles with excitement. Nick and I are holding on to the fun times we had with Sparty like running off leash in the woods, pulling us on our rollerblades, eating doggy ice cream cups, laughing at the way he would always growl at UPS trucks or any truck of that size,  the road trips to florida , how he looked like a person sitting in the front seat of the car,  playing doggy in the middle ( keep away) playing hide and seek, he would always get so scared if you would sneak up on him.... how his lip would get stuck on his tooth and he would look so silly.... only today  we  hold onto these fun times as memories.
it's funny how even a dog can give you a new perspective on life.  Sparty was only 5 years old, not an old dog, he was walking around and playing with Jada last night as usual, and before we went to bed he ate, as usual... and around 1:45 am I heard light whimpering noise coming from downstairs, Nick checked on him, we knew something wasn't right, then I felt his stomach and it was rock hard, I typed in boxer dogs tight stomach into a google search engine and read about "bloat"

we decided I would take Sparty in the the emergency vet hospital to be checked out, while there, we learned that he in fact did have the classic case of air in his stomach and his stomach had twisted meaning the air was stuck and surgery ( a very expensive surgery) was needed asap, only the Dr wasn't so sure surgery would work, as too much of his stomach could have been dead at this point, or because his heart rate was high, he could go into shock during surgery.

sitting alone in a room with your dog, making that dreaded phone call home to your husband to make a decision is the hardest thing I have had to do to date. As much as I have complained of the every day doings of a dog since becoming a mother, the shedding, the mouth noises, the drool, the food on the floor, having to put chairs on the sofa at night so he doesn't sneak up and get the drool, hair and food on it....  these will now be things I miss, I wasn't ready... and its going to be hard...

 he loved you J, he loved to protect you and play with you.
 this is my favorite of all favorites, this photo was taken in college, at my old apartment where dogs weren't allowed. ( shh)
 our original family of 3
 look J, daddy has Earings.... this was a typical study session, Sparty with his Master.
 the good ol' days when it was man and his best friend, college roommates, sharing one bed.

hey always had lots of love to give
 kisses for my Mr man
the last kiss, the hardest kiss, I will miss you buddy, there will never be another dog like you.

SPARTICUS - here is my husbands blog and what he took the time to say today.

we Love you Sparticus.