Sunday, January 3, 2010

40.3 weeks time to get Serious

Today we is January 3rd, due date was January 1st, so I woke up today with a mission,I took care of my nesting duties... washed bed linens, cleaned carpets, yes i actually cleaned them with the steamer thing, then vacuumed. Then I was going to do all things I could to stimulate baby... so far I got a wonderful pedicure... i say wonderful because well i received 2 of them not just one.. thats right... my first lady did a horrible job, were talking i was so disappointed I had tears in my eyes and my momma noticed, so she said asked what was wrong and I vented... the lady didn't even rub my feet, she didn't even scrape my heal junk... and look at the paint job, seriously I could do better even with this huge belly.... ( yes i made a big deal, but helloooo I am 40.3 weeks pregnant and emotions are running high. so with all that being said my mom said something to the woman who was now working on my moms manicure and she Gladly RE DID the whole thing, were talking feet dipped in the hot water, cleaned, lotion, rubbed,hot towels on the calfs.. the whole 9.... it was wonderful, she even did a new paint job. LOVED HER, So thankful....

my doula then came over for some nice reflexology AKA an awesome foot rub, enjoyed 2 cups of red raspberry leaf tea, had some hubby one on one time... and now we are headed out for a little bit of shopping which will involve walking... when we come back home my doula left some clary sage essential oil that i plan to put in the new humidifier the hubby got me and breath that in while enjoying a nice hot bath.... because that is also said to help induce labor... so wish us luck, maybe we will even stop somewhere for dinner while we are out and I can eat a whole plate of spiciness!!

so come on Jada Bug .. this time it's not just mommy who's super anxious... Daddy has told me it would be really nice not to have to go into work tomorrow :)