Thursday, September 24, 2009

the Return of Greys

tonight at 8PM on ABC Greys Anatomy season opener is tonight, words can't express my feelings towards this show. I really enjoy biggest loser, but I Love me some Greys. I cant remember the Thursday nights of watching Greys in college Lauren and I would usually watch the show and share a bottle of yummy wine... it was the best night in the whole week. Well this season I will not be doing any wine drinking but Lauren has promised that she would not either, atleast for this first episode. hah I love her, any how now you know I will be watching this tonight at 8 and I suggest you all do too... there is just so much susspense I mean does Izzy die? was that really George who was draged by the bus or will it be some other man?!?! I just have to have these answers, and with no DVR i will be sitting in front of the TV glued, no phone calls taken during this time however I will respond to txt msg's :)

hope you all will be joining me for the Love of Greys!!!