Sunday, September 13, 2009

five days

so I realize today that it has been 5 days since I last posted, but really not too much has gone on i feel like... so I havn't had too many thoughts to blog about, so in a lame means to post I started to think about things I could update on here, and well one exciting thing is that Jada's Crib bedding has been ordered!!! her Grandma ordered it last week and it should be comming here this month, once we recieve that we will be able to pick out paint colors and then start on her room!!! i am so excited to start that project, right now i just have her room door closed but walk in there every now and again and strum through her little outfits that are just hanging in her closet ( waiting to be washed until we get the ever so great smelling Dreft ) and look at her cute little pink table that we have already purchased that is sitting in the corner near the window of her room.. so it seems that things are really starting to get rolling, we have registered at babies R us for our first shower in Florida, ordered the crib and should be getting that this month and the changer table/ dresser shoudl be comming in Novemeber.... with all this happeneing it sure is becomming real that we will have a little girl in our lives one day soon :) that and with my ever so growing belly... 24 weeks today.

so with all that being said I guess we have been kinda busy. life is exciting .

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