Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Love for Old Navy

so I really wanted to make a post about my love for old navy and their online customer service. I wanted to do this becuase I never get the call to take the customer service questionair thing. but seriously Ladies... Old navy is the GREATEST... let me tell you why.

a couple weeks ago i purchased 289.00 worth of maternity clothes not knowing if i would really like many of them i figured it was best to order a lot of different things knowing i could always return the things i didnt care for, well i recieved my shipment and fell in love with 7 of the 11 items and figured i would just return the others on my next day off.

well while i was at work i hopped on over to old navys web site and noticed that everything i had bought just a few short days ago was now all 40 % off... my palms started to sweat ( you know you always start to think the worst) so there i was sitting at work with sweaty hands thinking man thats a good amt of money I could have saved and we all know, us Urankar's love to save... so i picked up the phone nervous to call because I really wanted my money back and the nice lady of the other end says well sure thing I willl credit your card the 40% off, great I thought and then i noticed they were also having a free shipping special so i mentioned to her that on my order i placed i also paid for shipping... so she said well i will credit you that too, i thought awesome with all this money i am saving instead of returning one of the pairs of jeans i was going to retun i will just re order them with this nice lady on the phone and get the correct size... becuase i was still able to save money all while keeping an extra item :)

I i got a 66 dollar credit for the 40 % off difference and then i went to the old navy on the south side to return those 4 items that didnt work for me and was returned the other 60 that was paid for them...

and then ladies TODAY, yes TODAY i got online and noticed that they are having an extra 20% off your orders if you spend more than $100 and being that my order after all the credits was like 162 or something I decided to call and see what they would say ... and you know what... SHE ISSUED ME THE CREDIT!!! so i recieved another 32.00 back... how awesome is this.... and because of this there was this super cute ( good night nora) colored velour pant and jacket suit that I really wanted for our car travels to Florida comming up but i didnt want to spend any more money... well again because i was getting credited this amt for the 20 % back off my order, it actually PAID for my outfit!!! and again, they normally charge for shipping and they are not having the free shipping special currrently but she said she would waive the shipping for me, so i literally owe nothing more and ended up with a whole new outfit!!!

so this sale ends THURSDAY so please hurry over to oldnavy.com and purchase stuff!!! have fun with it is all 40 % off plus and extra 20% off if you spend more than 100...

happy shopping and I hope you love them as much as i do :)

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