Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mommy situations

Yesterday was my day off so my Grandma and I hit the town and went to what felt like a million different stores with the last one being the grocery... I picked up my food and took grandma home, on the way home I looked in my rear view mirror back at the huge box that was my little girls stroller and car seat :) and I began thinking about how exciting this whole process is and how i cant wait to one day look in that mirror and catch a glance at her :)

I was nearing home thinking about all that I had to Haul into the house, old navy bag, groceries, laundry detergent, a library book, and that big Ol box with the stroller in it. I opened up the garage and went into the house, Sparty ( our dog) was there to great me. I did the usual "hiii sparty "and set a few of my bags on the counter and let him out the side patio door, i went back out to the car to bring in more bags and then noticed he was still standing on the back patio which the first thought that came to my mind was.... why isnt he going pee?!?!? if that boy Peed in the house..... so I went into the living room and everything was clear but then i noticed the door to our bedroom was opened.... this is un usual... I imediatly get that hot stomach feeling and walk in as see pee on the floor and our covers on our bed all un done in a perfect little sparty body ball.... I was so ticked!!!!

I went out to tell him what a bad dog he was, and he knew he had messed up, I then came back in to blot up the pee and then treat it with this special carpet cleaner we have and sucked it all up with our AWESOME carpet cleaner my mother in law bought us for our wedding... it came right up ( yay) but I still treated it a second time... wanting to be sure there is no sign of that smell or stain ANYWEHRE !!

but not only do you have to clean the spot, you then have to dump the water from the carpet cleaner and then clean it out and then put it back.... I then realized i still had all the groceries to bring in and put away and that i had already used 25 minutes taking care of the sparty mess and making out bed again....

it was in this moment, that I thought.... what am I going to do in just a few short months when instead of it just being me that walks through the door it could be myself, and our little girl just arriving back from the grocery store.. who would i do in this situation? who would i attend to first?

the pee spot?

the crying child who needs fed?

the dog who is running crazy outside?

bringing in the frozen and refridgerated products in from the car?!?!?

whats a mom to do?

all I have to Say is Sparty better be a good boy!

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Anonymous said...

Ha! This cracks me up because, did you know? This was ME today! Only not really, because luckily Avalon was asleep and Oliver didn't pee anywhere :) But I totally understand what you're saying - so much to attend to at one time! It's crazy, but it's wonderful and you'll love it and be great!