Friday, March 12, 2010

Two Months

well miss Jada another month has flown by and you are now two months old! You are doing lots of new cute things and mommy and daddy are still staring at you all the time.  here is what you have been up to this last month.

* you weigh 12 lbs 10 oz and are 23 1/2 inches long!

*You met your Nanna for the first time- you brought a smile to her face every morning.

* you enjoy floor time, you love to lay on your back and just kick around,you are always moving, even Nanna commented during her visit that you remind her of daddy the way you are always so active.
 we also give you tummy time but you don't care all that much for it, however you hold your head up so well while you are on your tummy.  we have floor time about 5 times a day at least for about 20 minutes each.

* when I am nursing you you do this super cute thing when you fumble with your hands and then you clasp them together. it makes my heart melt every time. You are eating about ever 2 and a half to 3 hours still, with the past few days leaning much closer to the 3 hour mark.

* you still love your baths only now you are a moving and a kicking all over the place, daddy thinks pretty soon you will have outgrown your tub!

* we tried you in a bouncy seat that hangs from the door frame today at grandmas and you loved it, and can you believe you were sitting in the exact same seat that mommy sat in 24 years ago? - now your still to little to bounce but you held your head up like a big girl and smiled the whole time and mommy bounced it a little for you.

* your smiling all the time and making the cutest coo sounds, and when your laying on your changing table and I make a click click sound with my  mouth and you smily and stare and try to imitate what i am doing, it is the cutes thing in the world, and yes mommy shows that trick off to everyone!  your even starting to have facial expressions, you lift your eyebrows a lot when someone is talking to you.

* your a little drool bubble now too, when I am holding you ( face out- it's your absolute favorite) and I am walking around the house every now and again I will hear a splat on the floor and I look down only to find drool, sometimes you even have little bubbles of it on the corners of your mouth, your just so darn cute!

* now that the weather is much nicer we go on walks together just about every day through the neighborhood. you always enjoy them, you stay awake for 1/2 the time and the other 1/2 you are asleep

* you follow us across the room now so well, even when you are sitting in your swing which is moving at the same time, you are able to follow us.

* your sleeping has been AH MAZING! both naps and nighttime.  actually last night you slept from 10:45 to 6:00 Am I nursed you and you went back down till 7:15 then you woke up to play for about an hour and then I put you in your swing and you fell fast asleep, and are still asleep ( it's been just over 2 hours already)  You are sleeping in your pack and play still in mommy and daddies room, because I still wake to change your diaper and feed you during the night, however if you have many more nights where you sleep through the night then we may move you to your crib!

* you still love the moby wrap, but now I don't ware it to have you take naps, you just enjoy being in it while we do household chores :)

* no noise bothers you, actually I think noise puts you to sleep, for instance the sweeper, the hair dryer, loud crowds of people, you just conk out at the sound if your tired.

 * your hair is fuller on one side and mommy is not too sure what to do with it, so sometimes we do a side sweep, and sometimes we still brush it forward, however you don"t have a bald spot so thats good. I still love to have you wear the big flower bows your so stink-in cute in them and I actually think you like them too.

* you now enjoy your swing and nature noise on your pack N play. I think pretty soon hear you will like to look up at your play mat and maybe hold on to a little rattle....

* you are now wearing NO SNAP on your diaper, that means that the size the diapers are now are the size the diapers will be till you are potty trained.

* you are wearing size 3-6 month clothing but really much of that has to do with your cloth diaper because I have noticed when we travel and I use the biodegradable inserts instead of the cloth your pants get so much longer and look pretty baggy. I bought you your first pair of jeans this month from the gap size 3-6 months but they are still too big, so it will be another few weeks till they will fit.

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marci81 said...

Too cute!!!! She is getting so big!!