Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's been going on

So much is going on with the Urankar family, I have neglected my blog, my apologies.  but now I am back and here to tell you a bit of what has been going on.

as many of you know we have been renting a house for a while and our lease is up at the end of July, so we have been talking about where we will be moving next.. renting, buying, moving to another city? so this is one subject matter....

another topic we have been tossing around is me staying home with out little buggy.  There is nothing more that i would love to be able to do than be a stay at home mommy, so we have been looking at our budget and tossing out other ideas to bring in a higher income in order for me to be home.

so tying those things together, my mr hubby man finally took his certification exam with ISSA and he passed! which means he is now a certified personal trainer which =  great possibility for extra income. what he want's to do is market himself to small businesses  and offer a free consultation and then a great group rate for personal training, that way he is able to set his own hours, which would work nicely with the job he currently is working because he is off by 5:00 every day and has the weekends open.

now we also have begun our search for a home....

and we found one

thats right
it was the second house we looked at
it was like when I found my wedding dress, I was so ready to purchase, I didn't need to try any more dresses on, I was sold. and that is exactly how I feel about this home!!!

we will be going through the house again this evening and sitting down with the realtor because we have more questions that we would like answered and then if everything sounds good from there we are ready to put in an offer!!!!

I am just so excited and smiling ear to ear, I couldn't seep last night as I was arranging our furniture around in my head of that beautiful house I want so badly to call home!

so stay tuned I will post something later about how our meeting goes with the realtor... so many exciting things going on!!!!


Ash said...

Congrats on all the exciting stuff that is happening for your family. You know you have found your house when you start placing your furniture in it. can't wait to hear more about it.

Anonymous said...

oooh it's so fun to decorate a new home!!!

I must say that I love Jada's room how it is now though so you should definitely paint the same way at your new house too. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, big news! That's exciting, hope it works out! If it does, PICTURES! :)

Laurie said...

So you will be staying around here then?!?!?! How exciting. Hope all works out and can't wait to see some pics.