Monday, March 29, 2010

the Happenings & what Nots

*yes I have been away from the blog now for 10 days, and these 10 days have actually been flying by and I just haven't made the time to sit down and write about what has been going on with us. but I have great news WE PURCHASED A HOME!!! we will be closing on June 1st. We were about to find a beautiful house in a historic neighborhood with a fenced in back yard and a front porch. I am so excited about home ownership! I will finally be able to decorate and hang things on walls and know that they can hang there for as long as we like, with no end date in sight of when we have to move out. I have been moving every single year and sometimes twice with in one year since I graduated high school in 2004, well it will finally be 2010 when I move into the house my family will call home and we will share many memories in this home!!!! I am sooo looking forward to the remodeling of the kitchen, ahh to design my own kitchen, kasjdfkadsj I am just so excited about it!

* in preparation of moving out of the current house we have been renting Nick painted back all the rooms to the colors that they were when we moved in ( per the homeowners request) I guess my colors were to decoration specific!? so Jada and I packed up and moved out for the weekend and stayed over at Grandma Nora's house so we weren't breathing in any paint fumes and daddy would come over once he was finished painting for that day. so now that the house is back to the colors it was when we moved in come June 1st all we have to do is carry all of our belongings out, sweep the floors and we are OUTA HERE!

*In Jada's world she is babbling all the time now, she has discovered her vocal cords and makes the cutes little sounds. she is growing so fast, she is no longer an infant she is a baby!! I just love all of her little faces she makes when she hears different noises. We have been attending church with her the past few weeks and it is so nice to have that back in our sundays! Jada sits with us and sleeps the whole time, although our church has a very great children's ministry, I just cant break away from her yet. she had her first laugh a few days ago and has since been trying to have the laugh come out but she is coughing instead which is very funny and cute at the same time, she will figure it out one day I am sure... boy if not can you see her every time she wants to laugh she coughs instead hahaa that would be quite a site.

well thats what we have been up to ... I will get back to better blogging I Promise!

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