Friday, March 19, 2010

historic homes

well we have been looking at houses on the internet now for a while and today we are headed to tour some homes in an old historic area today.  We are pretty excited and hope to find a few that we are interested in. Yes that is right I said historic, I am pretty into artsy fartsy unique  stuff and I think it would be really awesome to have an Older home and then gut out the inside into todays modern style.  I figure the older homes have the good solid sound structure which will hold up with the remodeling on the inside, and we can make the house a home this way and it will be unique to our style.

It is very important that we get a home that is priced right that way we are able to afford the remodel job, because it would just not be a pretty sight if I had to live with checkered green and white floors in the kitchen with yellow cabinets, Im just saying...

Nick and I have never gut a home other than when we went to New Orleans to help with samaritans purse disaster relief, but lets be honest, it was easy to gut those homes because we didn't have to fix anything, we just ripped out floors and wally and stripped the house to the studs, but we have hope, and well Grandpa who is ever so skilled, but I must say Nick and I are up to the challenge, we want to do this ourselves with well a lot of  supervision.... I think the project will be fun and Lowes will become my new BFF!


Mo said...

You are so right about lowes. The guy at the check out would ask, 'What you guys doing today?' We were def. a familiar face around there :)

Happy shopping today! I hope you guys find something good.

Allison said...

Mike and I always said how fun it would be to flip a house. I am too a big fan of historic homes, maybe cause my Aunt lives in one and it's just absolutely most of the homes are in awesome neighborhoods!

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

OMW, Lowes and I totally became BFF's this past weekend in Arizona. Pics will be up soon on the blog, but it's funny how a girl who just a few months ago couldn't wait to spend her paycheck on clothes now wants to buy curtain rods and light switch dimmers instead!!! What has the world come to!?

Ash said...

hopefully nick is good at drawing pics of what he sends you for. I've been sent many of times with a pic and i of course add little descprition and poof i walk out with the exact thing that is needed. I've also on occassion handed the phone over to the lowes expert and let the guys talk.

good luck