Thursday, July 23, 2009

PreNetal Yoga

I must warn you before you start reading this post, you may want to go grab some Patchouli oil and your Tie-dye shirt because I am going there... and Don't Judge.

seriously, last night was a wonderful experience for me. It was the start of a six week series class that meets every wednesday night at a yoga studio downtown from 7:30 to 8:45, there are a total of 12 women in the class who are all due anywhere from August, through January. When I first walked in It was the cutest thing to see all other 11 women sitting there with there bellys and smiles on their faces, we quickly shared all of our names and exchanged e mail addresses which i think is great i would love to make momma connections :) any how so the beginning of our class the instructor introduced herself as well, her name is Sara and she has 2 children one she delivered at a birthing center and the second at home, I think that is incredible awesome! She also is a certified doula, and teaches baby yoga ( which after last night I am sold and cant wait to sign up with my little one ) she is such a sweetie, along with all the other mothers in the class, Sara introduced us to some books that she thought were great for prego women to read, one of them was Ina Mays guide to childbirth which i had already picked up from the Library last week and another was Birthing from Within which i tried to get from the Library on that same trip after reading Dooces blog, but had no luck finding it, ( but after class I stopped by barnes & Noble and bought a copy)

any who, so there is totally something about being in a dim lit room and doing breathing exercises, I felt so in tuned with my body ( hey i gave you the warning at the beginning) and my baby. In that moment it was as if for the fist time i really paid attention to what it is that is going on inside of me and it made me so joyful , and thats not even the right word, I just felt so connected to our baby and I want to make every right decision while carying this child and Last night really focused in on that. We did lots of deep stretching and learned some relaxation techniques, it was great. I am looking forward to next wednesday!!

I mentioned before in a post i believe that I will be using a Midwife for the delivery of our child as long as insurance covered and the do, 100% I heard back on Monday so we are very excited, I have an apt with a doula tomorrow at 1:30 and I hope that goes well. well i am off to eat some breakfast and start my birthing from within book...

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