Sunday, July 19, 2009

All for the Love of Dough

Today was my day off for the week until Friday, so I have been planning all week long on what we will do on this day, I wanted to make it last a long time and I wanted to have time to relax..

so early on this week I remembered the Venetian festival will be going on and I could eat yummy potatoes, mushrooms and onins and then the ever yummy but so awful for you elephant ear, you know the fried dough with alllll that cinimon sugar on top? yep those and once I thought of those this week my plans were made, we would get up go to the gym, get cleaned up and then go to the beach at the venetian fest to lay out and take a nap and read in the sun and then when we were hungry we would go get some food from the festival... well then plans changed

family was going to the elkhart fest and I figured ehh well we should just spend time with them, and go there , its closer to home which means we would be home sooner than if we went to the beach and i could stil get my elephant ear...

but then it rained A LOT and things weren't looking good for the fair,

the hubsters noticed and said lets just go to the fair anyhow, it will be fun

so we did

and then we hit traffic like WOWA and we were at a standstill....

we pulled into the Ace hardware store and parked and firgured we would just walk, when we got closer to what we thought was the fair.... we saw that it was parked cars from the parade that was moving ever so slowly.... so nick and me wait there and he walked into the store to ask how far the fair was....

he came out and said I have good news and bad news what cha want first....

I went with bad... he said well it will take us about and hour to get down to the fair but the good news is were parked right next to Hacienda....

so we ate din din at hacienda and waited til the parade was over and made out way back to the car and drove to the fair that took us only 10 minutes now that the traffic was gone...

we parked the car
walked through the animals
grabbed my fried dough
and LARGE lemonade

and ate together at a wet picnic table... all for the Love of Dough

This was a Great Sunday!

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