Sunday, March 8, 2009

Race Day

yesterday was race day... mind you, we have been on vacation for a week and the week before the vacation started my mind had already left and went on vacation so I didnt train like i had been doing so well on before. So i was 2 weeks without running ( not good) but i was determined to race. besides the point that i had already paid the $13 to sign up I really wanted to do the race because my original goal was to get a good enough time to get seeded for running the mini.... so I went i was super nervous, i always get like that the few races that i have done i always get the butterflies and the mouth waters and my stomache feels like its on fire and then the sound of the gun goes off and i take off, and then my foot crosses over the timer and the race begins and i realize i am going to be running for the next 6.2 miles. Man did i push myself, i will admit that i gave it EVERYTHING I had in that race, however i know i could have done better if i had trained better, which is now my main focus until May 2nd which is the BIG DAY!!! So any how i was running and running and running and by mile 3 i realized man i cant feel my upper thighs, it was really weird, i mean i run 3 miles all the time and its not that big a deal, but this was up hill and curvy and dodging around people and jumping up and off of the sidewalks and all that stuff , lots diff than running on a track( i gotta stop training that way) but yes my legs felt like jello... now lets go back to before the race started, nick told me chels just run your own race and you will do fine. he told me not to try to run others peoples pace in the beginnig because you dont know if they are good runners or bad runners, meaning they could sprint off and make you think they are an awesome runer and then @ mile 2 they are walking and you wouldnt want to do that... so i took his advice and pushed myself. so i passed the first water station at mile 1.5 and then grabbed some @ the 2nd stop, i didnt stop though, just threw some water in teh back of my mouth and tossed my cup. then @ mile 3.5 i saw another station so i grabbed a cup threw some in my mouth and imediatly thought oh no!!! that taste reallly bad, i then looked in my cup and noticed it was yellow... it was a gatorade with added electrolights, yuuuucky i cant do that stuff... it made me gag when the saltyness hit my empty stomache... so i tossed that out ASAP, then continued to run.... once i was @ mile 5 i felt as though i had all the heart but i just wasnt moving, but really i was and then

I saw My MR. now any other day he would be racing and waiting for me at the finish but he had to go to work that day and wasnt able to run, but when i saw him i got that last shot of intensity as i got closer to him i noticed hehad his jeans cuffed and when i got right up to him he started running, he ran with me for more push and motivation for the last 1/2 a mile..... then he said "GO" which was my trigger to give it alllll my last bit of energy... so i did i went right up hill and corssed the finish line and i felt my heart in my mouth and my leggs felt totally weird, thats when i knew it was going to happen.....

i tried to find nick in the croud just by glancing but that made me dizzy so i went right over to the side, hung my head and lost my breakfast... absolutly CRAZY but as i was doing that in my head i remembered nick telling me you know you had an excelent work out if you get sick afterwards lol... so it was a proud moment in my life when i lost my breakfast :)

I ended up finishing in 60 minutes and 18 seconds that was a 9:45 pace which was enough to get a prefered seeding for the mini , yaaay!!! so although i know i could have done better had i trained, i was very happy to know i gave it all i had that day and was able to achieve my original goal i made for that race. MY heart rate on avereage was 197 during that time and my max was 203.... and 197 according to the heart rate configuration is my max out @ 100% so it was a good day!

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Emily said...

Congrats! I know the feeling of that achievement! I live in Carmel too and I train outside for the entire time - I use this website to map out fun routes - and it REALLY makes the running more enjoyable!

Best wishes in May! You'll do great!