Wednesday, May 13, 2009

& the QUeStions begin

ladies, I need some answers :) I am reading What to expect when your Expecting ( great book) but I want to hear from real momma's... what do I expect at my frst Dr's apt comming up May 22nd? Will I get an ultrasound? - b/c i really want one, i need to see something other than a line on a test , ya know what I'm saying?

when does the sickness start? ( I am not complaining on bit) but seriously, I always hear of people getting sick when they are pregnant and so far I am lucky... what does this mean? will it kick in? am I just realllly Lucky?

am I silly for thinking my belly is starting to change? ( i can't suck in anymore :( and if i try it anything but comfortable...

should I already be sleeping on my left side? or can I be flat on my back?! - I have already been sleeping on left side and if on my back I have a pillow under my knees, ( but is this necessary? i am just trying to do everything right)

can there be too much folic acid? - currently taking my prenatal in the AM and then an additional folic acid in the evening ( i figured its water soluable so if its too much then i will jsut pee it out, but i also eat a very healthy diet which has folic acid in many of the foods)

is it ever too early to start using Palmers Cocoa butter/ and does it really work, or is there somehting better? the bottle is $5 bucks a pop, but believe me I have started...

has anyone used Prochieve 8 before? - what did you think about it?

I read your mood changes, when does this happen? - I find that I am happy all the time( I sure hope this is my mood change :)

when should i start belly pics?

I always said when I got pregnant I would be working out and staying fit during my pregnancy because there are so many bennefits to that.. My Mr. is still my trainer we have just tweeked my routine, however... Are sit ups ok?

Frequent urination... I CAN'T STOP!!!!! I get up in the middle of the night, I leave the sales floor like 34,560 times and fell like i should maybe just move in there sometimes... I have ALWAYs been a person who needs to pull over like 11 times on a 4 hour road trip but seriously, i thought you dont start having to be in the bathroom until your belly was large therefore pressing down on your bladder, is that not what causes frequent urination?

when do you hear a heart beat?

as you can see I have many questions but I know this is completly normal but I would love to hear some of you momma's help to answer some on these ?'s.. thanks so much :)


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haha thanks Holly :)

Mo said...


I would ask the doc about sit ups and the folic acid thing.

at your first appointment it actually is pretty boring. they talk alot about family history...if you want this test done...blah blah. then they might listen for the heartbeat.

you probably won't get an ultra sound. if you're on track and the baby is doing fine typically insurance only covers one ultra sound and that is taken around 20 weeks [1/2 way ish]. I spotted with Colt when I was only 5 weeks along so they did an ultra sound just to check everything out...but that was only because there was a probelm. They will take a little doppler thingie and try to hear the heart beat on top of your belly. they may or may not be able to hear it depending on how far along you are. that is the sweetest sound. prepare to cry.

I put lotion on my belly multiple times a day...I used twenty different kinds and my stomach is zebra stripped. I got so many stretch marks the last few months. Well, i also had a 10.5 lb baby but still...I think some of the stretch marks are heriditary but the best way to prevent stretch marks is to stay hydrated. Stretch marks come from deep within your skin, they're not topical, even though they look like it. They're actually scars. Drink lots of water, lotion is good too, but drink lots of water.

Yes, you'll pee all day everyday. Just get used to it. Drinking all that water doesn't help the pee situation :)

some people never get morning sickness. i had a few bad days but never really got sick. on of my bf's got sick everyday. :/ Luck of the draw i guess.

you only have to sleep on your left side when you baby is much much bigger. there is some sort of big blood vessel on your right side so when the baby gets big it can pinch off the blood supply. but im pretty sure your fine to sleep on the right side for a while...untill you're pretty big and showing. i would always wake up on my right side accidentally, it was natural for me...and Colt survived!

AND exhale...

Okay. One more very important thing. You know you're body...just like you'll know your baby. So listen to the advice people throw at you...but do what you think is best for youself and your baby. Momma knows best. It's TRUE!

You're going to be a great mom :)

Anonymous said...

I hope I help with your questions! Remember though that EVERY pregnancy is different :)

At my first appointment all they did was go over family history (such as possible hereditary diseases and things of that nature). They ask what hospital you will deliver at, go over procedures during your maternal care, etc. I DID get an early ultrasound (not at my first appointment though) because we weren't sure how far along I was. I had one ultrasound when I was only 5 weeks along, which could only determine a pregnancy....since that ultrasound didn't show much, I had another one around 6-7 weeks which did detect a heartbeat and gave an accurate due date. The only way you will get an ultrasound before the 18-20 week mark is if there is a problem or you are unsure of your dates. Disappointing, I know, sorry :(

I NEVER once had any type of sickness. I know I will be hated for this :) There were times when I felt a tad queasy, but nothing more than that. Your first trimester you will be extremely tired....once your second trimester hits though, you will have a sudden burst of energy. I ran around working like a crazy person during my second trimester! During your third trimester, things start getting a little uncomfortable and you beocme quite anxious. So savor that second trimester! If you do get morning sickness, I've heard it usually kicks in around 8 or 9 weeks but only lasts until the second trimester...everyone is different though.

Belly change....I noticed right away that I felt more bloated all the time and couldn't suck in, but I could honestly wear the same size pants until I was about 6 months along. I did not start showing until I was, like, 7 months pregnant. They say you don't show until later with yoyr first, but again, everyone is different. I was never that big...even on my due date I had people telling me I only looked 6 months pregnant.

I asked my doctor about the whole sleeping thing, simply because I've always been a stomach sleeper. She told me that as long as it was comfortable for me I could sleep on my tummy. Since I didn't show until later, I seriously slept on my tummy until I was 23ish weeks along and they said that was totally fine. Once you really start showing and/or it gets uncomfy, switch to your side. I slept with a body pillow behind me and pillows in between my legs and all around me. I could never get comfortable or sleep very well. It gets very interesting towards the end when the baby wants to kick and play while you're trying to get comfy and sleep.

I'm not too sure about the folic acid question, I'd ask your doctor about that one. Sorry!

The Cocoa butter :) AGAIN, I will probably be hated for this and I'm sorry lady, but I didn't get any stretch marks. I did not use any cocoa butter either simply out of laziness I guess....but I was very lucky to not get any. I hear that stretch marks are about 99% hereditary...if your mom's mom, mom and/or sister has/had them, you have a much higher risk and will probably get them. Stretch marks do not run in my family and none of us have any....not to say that couldn't change! But, from friends and family I do know who have stretch marks....they said they used the butter religiously and it didn't matter, they still got stretch marks. If you're destined to get them, I don't think there is any way to stop them. Sorry :(

I've never used Prochieve 8 before...sorry!

Mood changes - you will go through a TOIN of mood changes. This is only thee beginning girl :) I went from happy to monster in .5 seconds before when I was prergnant. Towards the end of my pregnancy, my husband probably thought I was crazy haha. Your hormones go through a lot, as well as you do emotionally and physically. All your emotions are 200% justified though :) It's a roller coaster ride, but you'll be okay.

I would start belly pics whenever you want! I do regret not doing belly pics. I guess I was kind of vain when I was pregnant and did not want many pictures of me taken for fear of looking like a blimp. I know how silly that was now and wish I had more than the few pictures of my pregnant that I do have. I've seen people start taking belly weeks around 6 weeks on up, even if there is no change, just to document it. So, it's your choice!

Another regret I have with my first pregnancy was not working out. I did not work out like I should of, and that bit me in the butt when I had to lose my baby weight. I gained about 55 freaking pounds with took me around 6 months after he was born to take it all off, which isn't bad, but it was brutal. If I would have worked out and passed on that piece of cake for dessert every night, it probably would have been a lot easier haha. But anyway, I heard that working out like you normally did before you were pregnant is fine...but I DO remember my doctor saying not to put pressure on your abs doing things like sit-ups. Maybe that was when I was further along in my pregnancy, but I would definitely check with your doctor on that one. But keep up the exercise if you can, because you'll be very glad you did later on.

I remember reading when I was pregnant that a lot of times a heartbeat is not detected until you are around 10-12 weeks along....Max's was detected around 7 weeks. It just depends...every pregnancy and every baby is different. They usually don't listen for a heartbeat until then so no one gets freaked out and worried...sometimes in pregnancy doing things too soon is not worth it, because then you just freak out about it when there's no reason.

I really hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other ones...good luck :)

Take Care!

Sorry to tell you that the frequent urination only gets worse. You have a lot of fluids swishing around in you right now...your hormones are going nuts...just a lot of changes dyour body is trying to adjust to. It gets worse once the baby starts pushing on your bladder...there will be a few times you in involuntarily pee your pants :) Once you hit, like, 30 weeks on you have to pee every 10 minutes. Max especially enojted kicking and bouncing on my bladder...ugh!

Q. and La. said...

This is SO exciting!!! Congratulations!

They like to do an ultrasound around week 8-10 so that they can "measure" the baby and see if your EDD is accurate.

Enjoy sleeping on your stomach as long as possible. God created your body perfectly...when it is time to switch it will be more comfortable for you as well.

Using creams didn't work for me, BUT near the end when your skin is REALLY stretching and dry and itchy... the belly butters are AWESOME!

I didn't experience mood changes until the third trimester when I started to get really tired. I realized that my patience was thinner than it used to be.

We started taking weekly belly pics, once a week, right away.

When doing situps you should splint. Even now you can split your ab muscles. I got Gabrielle Reece's pregnancy workout and it is amazing!

You should hear the heartbeat at your appointment through a hand held Doppler. They let my husband hold the "thing" so we were both apart of this FIRST monumental event.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chelssie! I am Mo's BFF and have been following your blog a little while and I, too, am pregnant (I'm 25 weeks along). Congratulations! That is so exciting!

I wanted to give you my advice on the exercise stuff in particular. I worked out a lot before I got pregnant, and planned on maintaining that throughout pregnancy. Of course, during my first trimester I didn't even have the energy to THINK about working out! But since then I've been going to kickboxing classes about twice a week (and I got it cleared with my doctor, of course). He did specifically say NOT to do any sit ups or crunches at all - but besides that, you can generally keep up whatever workout you were doing prior to being pregnant, as long as you're not really straining yourself. (I did kettlebells, for example, and that is something I thought was a little I quit and will resume after the baby comes.)

When my sister found out I was pregnant she made me the cutest "belly tracker" scrapbook, and wanted me to take weekly belly pictures - this is a great way to keep me on track! I didn't start taking them until I was about 9 weeks along, and it really didn't matter because I didn't start showing until 20 weeks! But, it is still cool to see how you progress, even if it is in the smallest way!

Also, when your clothes do start getting tight, I recommend getting a Bella Band. It's a band that you can wear over your unbutton/unzipped pants, so that they'll stay up and won't show an open fly! This just allows you to keep wearing your regular clothes as long as possible without having to buy maternity clothes. Also- DRESSES! I am totally taking advantage of the maxi dress trend, they are perfect for pregnancy!

Ok, well that's probably enough for now :) Again, congratulations!


Chelssie said...

thank you all So much for your helpful comments, I am guessing I will be RIGHt at 8 weeks on my apt, so i hope to get to hear a heart beat that will be amazing! I will be sure to post any other ?'s i have and my follow up of my apointment :)