Friday, May 15, 2009

Girls Just wanna Have fun

yesterday was my day off so I met my momma in Kokomo for lunch where she brought me the cutest mommy to be card and a Pregnancy journal!! we then had time to kill so we went over to kohls we thought we would go and look at baby stuff, ( that was the only store near us that we figured would have baby things ) however we got there and after looking at the clothes we found ourselves looking at the Momma clothes :) It was so fun shopping with my mom, we have not done that since high school.... well i should say we havent done this since high school and had SO MUCH FUN! I was trying on all different types of dresses because i figure dresses will be my new BFF and then we got into the pregnancy pants, i know you all are saying or thinking why would you need those, you are so early in your pregnancy... but ladies I kid you not, I cant to buttons or zippers well I can but it is soooo uncomfortable and I hate it... so momma bought me a pair of nice black dress capris for work, and a pair of grey slacks for work, and also a pair of black leggings.... and then we even picked out a super cute long top to wear with the leggings and I got a Vera Wang jacket that normally was $108 and i Paid 21.00 it was awesome.

thanks again momma for the beautiful clothes I am much more comfortable!!!

this day was really good for my mom and I. it was fun to sit and chat and talk about what its like to be a mommy. I look forward to more of these times with her :)

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