Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All over the place

So our Dr's apointment is this Friday at 8:00Am and we are so excited! I am still feeling great, still tired, but there are some changes... latly I have been feeling a little icky but not head in the toilet sick... and also at the base of my kneck feels so tight w knots, I believe this is from all the hormones soaring through my body but tomorrow I have an hour massage booked, so i hope this helps!!

Yesterday I went out and bought Nick a book for Daddy's and a Journal that we asked for. He is so sweet, he wants to keep a daily journal and write in it and when our child grows up they will have something to look back at and see how much they were loved from the very beginning!! I think it will be so neat and I can see our child when they are 5 years old and they are picking out a book they want us to read them and the pick the little black journal :)

Other Exciting news.... we have believed to come across two names one for a boy and one for a girl that we are in L*O*V*E* with and actually, yesterday I mentioned I went to Barnes and Noble and bought a baby name book and I was flipping through and flipping through and saying the names out loud and then I kind of played with some of them by changing the first letter of the name to see how it sounded and BAM, I said it, and then did the same for the boy name, so we have a girl and boy name we love and will release it when we find out what we are having... so hold on tight we still have like another 10 to 12 weeks!

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