Tuesday, August 24, 2010

60 in T - 7 days

Here we go again, remember when I wrote that really motivating post about how I was going to dedicate 90 days of my life to get fit and get in shape, and well I did 30 of them and posted my results, and well I just never got back to "ya'll" with the rest of my transformation, well I am here to tell you that I am sorry, you see, those other 60 days didn't quite happen.  Not because I didn't want to do them  I was just to lazy to do it by myself you see my husband went out of town for work for a week and I was left home as a single parent for a weeks time and I was going to pop in the P90X dvd's while he was out to make up for my work outs that he was having me do, and what happened? first day i popped one in and well I learned I am not a DVD type of girl, I needed someone in my face like good job or keep pushing yourself and what not, and the dvd just wasn't cutting it. 

so here we are... all moved into our new house, settled in and all so what have I been doing as far as working out? well we joined a Crossfit gym ( which are the types of work outs I was doing during my 30 day transformation) and I have been LOVING it, and guess what?!?! the gym is putting on a 60 day challenge 

its a $25 buy in and the winner takes home the cash, even more motivation right!??! so I have 7 days to get together a game plan, wish me luck and this time I am motivated and promise I will be back with my results. Wish me luck!

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