Monday, April 5, 2010

the next 90 days

I promised I would be using this weekend to come up with a plan for me to get motivated and do something about the spillage.... and well here is what I have come up with.

for the next 90 days Nick ( my hubby) will be waking up with me between 5:30 and 6:00 every morning and training me. why 90 days? well my friend Kaley mentioned that she and her hubby were doing p90X ( which also looks super interesting to me- but I didn't want to spend the $ just yet, in fear that I wouldn't stick to it ) so I figure with my hubby being a personal trainer he could pretty much kick my but and hold me accountable.. and if I stick to this for the next 90 days and still want to purchase the P90X program then I will.

my hopes is that by the end of this 90 days I will be able to do pull ups and have no more spillage! and no, I don't plan on quitting working out after the 90 days... I just set a goal of 90 days to get in a routine and transform my body... so I took my before pics last night and my weight... and NO i will NOT post the before pics.... well I will think about it, but my after pics have to look reallllly good in order for me to post the before pics :)

so today was day 1 and I must say it feels really good to have gotten up, worked out, showered, and eaten breakfast all while Baby is still sleeping!


marci81 said...

Congrats Chelssie and just think now you will be ready for a nap by the time Jada is this morning;) You can do it!!!!

Ash said...

good job, only 89 more days to go:)

Anonymous said...

Let's hope these 90 days fly by, right? :)