Friday, April 10, 2009


yesterday I went and did the start of buliding my new wardrobe and went shopping in Keystone I ended up with amy first pair of SKINNY jeans, i ended up with 2 pairs actually they were buy one get on 50% off along with 2 pairs of the cutes 5 ince heals ever, which were also buy one get one for $10, and i stayed under what i budgeted for, awesome! on my way out i stumbled into the GAP and what caught my eye, you got it the basic plain shirts, you know the ones that come in all diff colors, but the ones that look the best are the greys, blacks, and whites? seriously i have a problem I had 3 different styles of shirts all in those colors and then i remembered Chelssie Elizabeth, you are here to build a NEW wardrobe not continue building the one you already have... so i put them down...

on my way out I remembered the (RED) campaign that i was once obsessed with in College, I mean I bought the candles, the bracelets, the scarf, the big Purse bag ect... i was never fond of the womens shirts though becuase they werent very flattering... but ladies let me tell you they have a new designer, because it was stretchy and comfortable ( yes i just had to try it on) and better yet it was on sale for $15, ( i know thats still a little pricy for a fitted V neck t shirt but its for a good cause and its lots cheper than the original $30 cost) nedless to say i was INSPI(RED) to purchase this shirt.

when I left the store, im my mind i already could think of two seperate ocasions this shirt will be worn, and one was lastnight.

I met my best friend Kady downtown for dinner along with her Dad and sister Sasha. Sasha just got back from Madagascar a week ago where she served in the peace corps, but was evacuated along with the rest of the peace corps before her time was up. She is simply amazing for what she has done, and I am truly Inspi(RED) by her. you all can take a peek and learn more of her here or visit her blog that she kept up with as much as she could while she was there, please keep her in your prayers as she is back in the states, and that she finds comfort and rest here at home.

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