Tuesday, April 7, 2009

His Momma would be Proud

so nick tells me stories of how when growing up his mom would dice up mushrooms really small and hide them in meals and he would always find them/taste them and hate them.... he says he now realizes that he thinks his mom was just training him just for me :) so here are some here are pictures of the event when the Mushroom became the main cource. I made the stuffed mushrooms i blogged about a couple days ago except you can see that i realllllly stuffed them ( i didn't want to scare my honey buns into not eating it) so and then i made a little pasta along side.... so here are the pictures of him eating ... his mother would be proud, i sure am :)

he even liked it I might add... he said he was scared on each bite expecting it to get bad but that he was pleasntly suprised and gave it a 8.5 star ... awesome :)

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