Saturday, April 18, 2009

*cOme SePteMbER*

We have made up our mind, and are super excited to let everyone know, we are moving to the Beautiful Phoenix Arizona in September. We are very excited about this, as many of you know from revent post's this is something we have wanted for a while and after further discussing our options we find it best for us to pack up and move when our lease is up in September.

We don't know exact area we will land but we know it will be within Phoenix.

our plans til then is to enjoy our time here with family and friends. We have made friendships while being here that will last a lifetime especially our small group from church, we still offer to host out in sunny arizona but i believe that will get to be quite expensive for them.. but they always have a place to come and stay, just as out other family and friends would.

so stay tuned for more updates!!

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