Sunday, April 19, 2009

20 SeCOndS

so today was pretty eventfull, we went to church, went to visit a friends property they are buliding on and then went to brekfast with our small group. it was a great morning. After all that we came home and my Mr. Went to the gym with his buddy to do their workout and i stayed home, to clean and all that other stuff i needed to get done before my week starts...

well Mr. came home and got cleaned up and I made delicious Yummy smoothies for us, mango, peach, pineapple, and strawberry froxen fruit little bit of OJ and Soy milk and honey and we were two happy campers.

we didnt want to read, we didnt want to watch tv, we werent tired, we had already played keep away with spartys toy, it was too rainy to go rollerblade or run, ( plus i diddnt wanna) so what did we do?!!?

we got in our HUGE bed and played the 20 second game.


but it is to us, I made it up on a wim i just got the idea, its safe to say i was bored. so we grabbed the I phone and started the stopwatch and here is how the game goes..

I started it off, ok Nick you have 20 seconds to name off as many items as you can that can be found at the grocery store. and then it was my turn and i had to answer the same ?

then the next time around he got to pic the topic and so on, it was really fun for us as silly as it sounds.

we stopped playing when the Mr. decided to get smart and ask name as many profesional football teams in 20 seconds, are you serious??!

i was pretty proud of myself up until that point. i had finally found a game that i was better at than him. i mean seriously this guy is my. competitive, and he's pretty much good at all things. ( not just cuz im his wife, its the truth )

so any how, it was fun, and this is how we spent our rainy sunday in together :)

but now he is gone

playing basketball with the guys, and i am watching mind numbing telivision... :/

oOoo ok ok i guess i'll open up a book.

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