Friday, June 19, 2009

Love At FirsT SiGhT

Today was the first day we got to see our little Baby Urankar, and words can not begin to describe the emotions that filled that dark room when these pictures apeared on the wall. there is was, Our little baby, Live and kicking... Tears filled both of our eyes as we grabbed for eachothers hands. and then we saw the hear beating, and then we got to hear the heart beat, it was music to our ears, a sound I had been waiting to hear since I first saw those 2 pink lines. the heart rate was strong and fast, 164 beats per minute, and the spine looked strong and health. To say I didnt have expectations of what i would feel like the first time i saw these pictures would be a lie but honeslty I cant remember what it was because seeing these images and watching our baby move and wave at us I lost all memory and all I wanted to fill in my brain was that happy moment. God is truly wonderful and we are absolutly blessed to be experiencing this. I hope you all enjoy these pictures as there will be more later on during the pregnancy.

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