Monday, June 15, 2009

The Excitement

Yesterday we were in Granger At our new home to look everything over and learn how to turn the water on and all that stuff that comes along with living in a house that we never would have thought of before. for instance we will have a water softner and we learned what type of salt to use and all that stuff.. we are very excited to be living in a house but not be "home owners" if that makes sense lol we are renting from a couple who has had their house on the market for a while now and has just had trouble getting it sold, so we are very happy to take it off their hands for a while by renting it. I would post pictures but they are on my other computer so I will have to post later, but they are on facebook...

we are moving in on the 25th of June, and I start work up again July 6th, so I will have plenty of time to get settled in and paint the master bedroom and shop for some decorations. I even will have the 4th of july of Yippie!!! we will be so close to michigan we may go up to the lake and watch the fireworks I just dont know :)

so stay posted for pictures :)

oh ya and our first ultra sound is in 4 days!!! I cant wait to see him/her for the first time and hear the heartbeat!

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