Saturday, November 13, 2010

A night Away

In just a few hours Nick and I will be heading to Indianapolis to spend the weekend with my college roommate/made of honor, sister friend Lauren.  J will be staying here in town with my mom, this will be our first night away from each-other, I am sure she will be fine, my mom is going to stay here at our house with her that way she is in her bed and her normal surroundings, and I think I will be fine too, a night away with the Hubby will be nice.  

we are kicking things off with Dinner downtown at one of our favorite Sushi restaurants "Sushi on the Rocks"  I haven't eaten here since we last lived in Carmel, so my mouth is already starting to water.  There is also this really cool new place called Tastings, which is a wine tasting place where you  put money on a card ( kinda like a wine debit card :) you walk around and read the descriptions of the wine and if you want to taste you slide your card in and either purchase a taste, a glass or the bottle. 

then tomorrow we will be visiting the Indy North Crossfit gym to get a quick work out and then Lauren and I will be off to shop... asdkfjh!! I can't wait, Trader Joes, World Market, the Home Goods store... bring it on!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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