Monday, November 15, 2010

We're Back

Let me start by saying, I was totally downplaying my anxiety about leaving Jada for the first time in that last blog post, it wasn't because I was worried about her with my mom, or that I was really worried about her, it was more me.  I have a very routine oriented personality, so much that I HATE that but can't seem to break it, you know, the type: writes everything down in her agenda, does things with out even noticing that when I do them I do them the same way EVERY time, very anal, total type A personality... so this was about me leaving my "usual routine" gosh see I write that and i know how weird that sounds.

so as I was looking forward to our good time that was a head of us, and appearing cool on the outside, my stomach was in knots, were talking plenty of trips to the bathroom before heading out the door, and then while driving down the road I got quite the headache, which i believe was the tension that was building up on the inside finally being released.  ( again, not ever really realizing that I was freaking out about leaving)  however, once I pulled up to pick up the hubby from work I was feeling much better and was ready for the fun to begin!

we had a BLAST, Our night was to kick off at Sushi on the Rocks but wouldn't you know on a Saturday night downtown at 8:00 there would be an hour and a half wait?!?! no worries though, we went across the street to claddagh and enjoyed a drink and an appetizer, I believe when we finally say down to dinner it was 10, probably the latest I have ever eaten dinner but boy it was amazing, and so picture worthy, the table was filled with the most amazing sushi one has seen, it was Delicious.

After dinner a few from our group headed back home and others went to Tastings, which was totally my kind of place. I mean a wine bar .. hello. it's such a great idea to, I think we totally need one of these here in town. I put $20 bucks on my card and was good to go.  they had taste any where from 2.50 to $10, and as I said before you could purchase a glass or even a bottle too.  however what I didn't know was when the bottle got too low the machine would shut off and one of the employees would come over and replace with a new bottle and would pour the rest of what was left in the bottle into your glass ( um hello, awesome... ) and for some reason this happened to me 3 times... I swear I wasn't on the hunt for this to happen, I mean well. maybe. kinda. sorta. I was.

it was about 1:00 when the taxi dropped us back of at my girlfriends house and we stayed up till 2:30 am having girly conversations and chugging water, I must have had 8 tall glasses, we were going to the gym that morning at 9AM and I sure did not want to have a nasty headache from the enjoyment I took part in the night before. I remember thinking I hadn't been up this late since becoming a mom, and it was just what I needed.

and would you believe I was up bright eyed and ready to go at my usual time 6:45, like clockwork I tell you, no alarm needed. Nick joined me for some breakfast downstairs and about an hour later Lauren walks down pony tail sideways one eye opened ( just like the good ol college days ) and I believe she says something along the lines of " some things never change" :)  I love her.

after a great work out at the gym we were off to shop.. ( separate post to come, lots of great finds! )

we were headed back home by 4:30 when we stopped for one more quick date at Naked Tchopstix, thats right, sushi two days in a row. I was a happy camper,  the ride home Nick and I kept talking about how much fun we had and how excited we were to see the little one.  I am truly grateful to have such great family and friends. We had a fabulous weekend and are sure Jada did too.

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Joanne said...

Great post. I remember When I left my little girl for the first time.I left her with her grandparents and Grandpa kept calling me to tell me I had to come home because she was unconsolable. The guilt! So glad that your experience was good.