Sunday, November 7, 2010

Random weekend facts

* it Snowed.. and it snowed a lot, I was out running some errands with my grandmother and J and when we walked out of Macys my car was covered.

*got my grandma to realize there was no way she was an A cup that in fact she was a full C cup, and now both her and her bras are much happier, thank you lady at Macys.

* we went on a road trip saturday morning to visit my father in law and nick and I went back to the crossfit crown point gym to get a work out in and visit with the cool peeps at the gym, this gave my father in law just some good grandpa and J time, and all was a success.

* we cleaned out the garage. yippee, we now are ready for the snow as the cars will be protected.

* did 3 really long work outs the past 3 days. looking forward to a rest day on Monday

* I enjoyed an entire bottle of tabor hill wine this weekend. by myself.

* got lots of hubby wifey time, as the hubs was off saturday and today

* enjoyed some quiet time reading our new BC pick, the year of living biblically by A.J Jacobs, can't wait to talk to the rest of the girls to see if they are finding it as humorous as I am.

* crawled in circles around the house, with a naked baby. there is something completely adorable watching your baby chase after you will a full on cheese smile.  

* enjoyed another 1/2 bottle of tabor hill wine .. all... by .. myself

* was amazed by the fact that every time i go to chipotle its always a different price when i order the SAME THING, every time.

* J is learning to kiss, and it is the most adorable thing ever.

* having dinner tonight with the grandparents, which is always good fun

* found the perfect pair of closed toe wedges at Aldo!! they should be arriving in mail wednesday this week

Hope you all had a great weekend, and ps: I realize this was maybe a lame post, but I had to post something to get rid of the bikini pictures I last posted :)


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Allison said...

I remember when Madison started giving kisses, it was always open mouth and lots of slober...but I LOVED every minute of it!!! Enjoy :)