Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat...

This was J's first Halloween and she was our sweet little Pig.

while being overwhelmed with options of costumes this year we decided to go with the pig outfit from the Baby Gap because it looked so warm and its a multi functional costume, she now has a cute warm velour outfit and a cute little Pig hat that she can wear separately through out the winter. it was a win win. Not to mention how cute she looked in it.

we had lots of Trick O treaters this year, our neighborhood has lots of kids so I expected this but I was shocked to see this the loads of cars parking on our street, and the amount of kids that would pop out of the cars and run up to the houses, this seemed to be a destination neighborhood and my candy bowl was proof to that. This was the fist year we bought candy to hand out to trick or treaters, we figured we would have quite a few kids so we went to good ol sams club and bought two big mixed bags of goodies... next year we may need a bit more, as I can recall more than a few times putting 1, thats right ONE tootsie roll in the poor little kids bag.

J had a good time waiting by the front door and seeing all the kids dressed up in costume. luckily we didn't see any really scary ones. the kids got a kick out of her costume too...so J's first Halloween was a good one and we hope you and your families was as well :)

oink oink

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