Saturday, February 14, 2009

The BIG *25*

Last night was Nick's 25th Birthday, so yesterday i was not on my computer hardly at all b/c i was getting his suprises all set up :) he came home from work and we went out and got his birthday present, guess what he wanted.... a MAN LIGHT i mean MAG Light ( you know that manly man's flashlight) haha that was the one thing he was so excited for, so he got home and we headed out to Lowes to pick it out and then headed for dinner @ H2O Sushi, little did he know that he would have friends there waiting for him to say suprise, and happy Birthday... So we arrived at dinner and he was so suprised, we all talked, laughed and ate... and ate... and ate... we Loove Sushi! and after dinner we came back to eat a Birthday Cake I made and enjoyed some good convo's and Wine :) all and all he had a really good birthday I would say, well he even said lol.... i love him so much and it was great to be able to put that big of a smile on his face and to be able to suprise the Mr. SupriseR himself !!!

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