Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Sweeties Day!!

Today is Valentines day and I am so excited for it, This is my 4th Valentines Day with My Mr. but it is the first one we will celebrate as Husband and Wife... I remember our first one we spent together in Terre Haute while in College, nick took me to a small pizza joint it was so cute, it was the place that most people went because they had to take their kids along haha, but nick and I enjoyed it... so the next year after our relationship had gotten closer i figured we would go to a nicer resturant, and then we pulled up in front of the ol pizza join again... i thought to im suprised were eating here again, well we walked in and i noticed a table in the back of the place that had a while table cloth and a dozen white roses and candles all over the table..... ( mind you that we are at a PIZZA joint, and no other table looked like this) so we walked back to that table and sat down and to my suprise nick had gone to that resturant and set it up all nice and put alot of thought into it and it was the best valentines day ever.... what a sweetie....

so last year our 3rd valentines day, we decided that we would make a new tradition and enjoy a nice night in, we make king crab legs, lobster and fresh asparagus and all types of yummy stuff ...he decorated my apartment and we cooked together and shared a bottle of wine... that was fun...

now this will be our 4th valentines day... and I don't know what it holds, this morning I woke up and made fresh biscuts and an Omlet with fresh OJ for breakfast for my Mr and now i am working, i work until 5:30 so i can hardly wait to get home and spend it with My sWettie.... I will be sure to post what envets take place later... :)

and PS: little miss Period came to visit finally!!!

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