Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Full Story....

So Yesterday was Valentines day I had to work til 5:30, at around 4:00 A woman walked into AT&T and asked for me, another sales rep told them that i was with a customer and that i would be done in a few minutes and she told them well actually i was just asked to leave this for her, so once i was finished with the customer i was handed this white envelope where my husband wrote this

* Chels, Happy Valentines Day, I have a game! I know how you like "baby Steps" so we will take this one step at a time. You must head to a place where food is plentiful, and its just a few steps away, so hurry when you get off work and tell them your Chelssie and that your looking for a clue! Love~Superman ( thats a little name i gave him when we first started dating)

So then i arrived at the floral shop at Marsh and asked told them who i was and that i was there to pick up my clue, they then handed me envelop number 2 that read ..

* Chels, I never knew there was one of these so close to us, no more traveling to watch our favorite flicks, It sounds like ghost busters but its just a "Block" away from home... get it? have fun, and just tell them who you are

So i get to BLOCK BUSTER ( in case you couldnt figure out that clue) and tell them i am chelssie and they hand me the Movie FIREPROOF and my clue number 3, I have been wanting to see this morning forever!!! Clue number 3 read

* Sushi, Sushi, Sushi oh how we love Sushi, this is our favorite place to watch the funny TV shows and eat our favorite food, so hurry time is running out, when you get there look in the round bowl under the open sign

So i get to Sashumi ( a sushi resturant by our house) and i see a while envelope sitting in a dirt pot under the open sign haha and i quickly grab it open and it says

* you have done better than i thought, dont stop and snack, i want to see you hurry to the place you love and find comfort, can't wait to see you!!!! and in this envelope there was a picture of a crab.

so i get home to a house filled with candelight and i get a big hug from my Mr. and he tells me to change into the jammies on the bed, ( he washed and laid out my fav pair ) so i got to get comfortable and then he walked me out to the kitchen where he had prepaired 2 and 1/2 lbs of KING CRAB LEGS and a lb of fresh asparagus, a bottle of Merlot and DARK chocolate :) oh how i love him....

so we ate such a yummy meal and then watched fireproof together and drank some was such a nice night i couldn't have asked for anything better I hope you all had an amazing Valentines day too!!


J.BRIDE said...

aaawwww - what an awesome Valentines Day

Aliya said...

Cute blog!! Love that picture of you two in the banner :)