Saturday, February 21, 2009

My GoLDeN Year

Today is my last day of being 22, tomorrow I will Turn 23. I am really excited about it jsut because I love Birthday's and all that fun stuff, however, this year has been so special... it was my GOLDEN YEAR, you know... I was Born on the 22nd of February which means when i turned 22 that was the Golden year, and boy was it ever.... for today's post i wanted to re cap all that has Happened in my Wonderful Golden year....

1) to kick off the birthday, nick and I went to Chicago for the weekend that he had planned out in advance and ate at the wonderful Signature roon in the John Handcock building, and stayed in the Club Wacker Hotel... we had a Blast, i still remember shopping for the perfect dress and shoes to wear with my mom at UP mall :) mom, Madi and Broc even came to visit us in chicago by taking the train and we went to the science and Industry museum

* the next things that have happened during my golden years are in no specific order, but they are the things that made my year sooo wonderful

2) I Graduated College

3)I got engaged

4)I got married

5) had the wedding of my DREAMS!!!

5)I Paid my car off!!!

6) Paid off all my student loans

7) went to Jamaica

8) got to sleep in the same bed as my MR... after he became my Mr of course :)

9) Nick landed an AWESOME job oportunity :)

10) got "Our" first place

and im sure I missed a whole lot of other really fun things that happened but those are def. the ones that stick out to me... so I am looking forward to being 23 and seeing what the year has in store.... becomming DEBT free will be one of the first things followed by a loooong list of posibilities.... which I guess are the same possibilities that could be there when I am 24, 25 and so on hehe.... maybe a Relocation, new job/the opening of the business... baby!?!? who knows but I sure will be enjoying everyminute and am so excited to see what doors will open :)

In the mean time, i will be enjoying the last day of my Golden year*

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Lindsey said...

Sounds like a fab year!!!

Love your blog!