Sunday, February 8, 2009


So in the job market today people are losing jobs, taking pay cuts and what have you, well i always considered myself to have a pretty safe job, and still feel that way, however, AT&T is facing the possiblity of a strike, I can remember when i was growing up and my mom working for the south bend school corporation when they went on strike, i remember seeing picketing going on in the streets near the school and all the news reports on this, i just cant picture that happening with AT&T, well as it stands now, the Union has not reached an agreement yet with AT&T for our contract that was up lastnight at 11:59, so as i left work last nigth i didn't know if i would have a job to come to in the morning or not.... so thankfully they have agreed to exten the contract for 24 hrs and continue to try to reach an agreement today, so i am very greatful for having the ability to return to work for another day, i will leave again not knowing for sure if there has been an agreement made.... they have until tonight at 11:59 to reach an agreement, i hope it turns out for the best... because i am verrrrrrrrry happy with my job, but i also apreaciate what the union is doing because i sure love the raises we get and the exceptional benefits!!!

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Mo said...

oh gosh that's scarey. ya, kinda odd a compant going on strike now days.